Can't get a graph to show..

  • Marty

    Marty - 2008-10-18

    First, let me preface this note, by saying that I am delighted to see this extension.  I have been using the graphviz component of Semantic Result Formats, but the more extensive features of the SemanticGraph extension will be very useful for my project.

    Although the extension has been installed correctly, I believe, I cannot get a graph to show up using the sgraph query. 

    An example page is at:

    Under the "relies on" tab, there should be a graph displaying what mathematical knowledge the current page "relies on".  It seems that no matter how I change the resource field, (using {{{PAGENAME}}}, {{{FULLPAGENAME}}}, typing the page title directly, typing other page titles directly, etc.., I cannot get a graph to show.  I always seem to get the same message:  "no valid pages found for option resource"

    Feel free to view the source, and let me know if you have any ideas.  I can be e-mailed directly at weissman DOT marty AT gmail DOT com as well.

    Thank you very much,


    • Rob Challen

      Rob Challen - 2008-10-18

      Try swap {{{FULLPAGENAME}}} for {{PAGENAME}}  (only 2 sets of curly braces for wiki magic word syntax). Shouldn't matter but you can also try remove the leading and trailing spaces so the final thing looks like:

      {{#sgraph:resource={{PAGENAME}}|property=relies on|depth=3|engine=dot}}

      I have done a little bit of testing using subpages but if this doesn't work then try graphing on a normal page (e.g.
      Beyond that  I woudl have to debug - it is reporting back that it can't find pages to graph at the moment "No valid page found for...." rather than "No option specified..." so it is nearly there. It is case sensitive on title page names.

      Let me know how you get on.


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