#1 Wiki syntax support

Mark K

I would recommend grabbing DokuWiki, it's got the best laid out set of classes for taking it and embedding it into another system. I'm not asking for a full wiki where you make links to pages that don't exist, have all your edit history, yada yada. Just the syntax support so it's real simple to get some nice looking and consistent pages.

Perhaps a checkbox to signal you want wiki syntax. Perhaps saving the mime-type somewhere. You could save the wiki source in a separte dir and then render it to HTML and save that where the normal files go.


  • Samuel C

    Samuel C - 2007-07-03
    • status: open --> closed
  • Samuel C

    Samuel C - 2007-07-03

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    I'm sorry, wikicode parsing is outside of Seemes' intended purpose. Seemes is intended for use by those who know and want to use HTML in their pages instead of some other markup language.

    If you want to use wiki syntax, I recommend you either find another CMS, or patch Seemes to pass page content from Create page or Edit page through DokuWiki's code before saving it. (BTW, if you want help with #2, e-mail me - I'd glad to help.)

    --- Samuel


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