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StrongED mode editor / News: Recent posts

SEDModeEd version 1.17b released

Version 1.17b has been released and is available on the projektpage.
Most changes are to the listwindows which are now much more flexible.

All changes:
Made all list windows resizeable.

Moved misc setting in SyntaxWord window onto lower toolbar.

Delete button in list windows now also deletes multiple selections.
Added search button to list windows.
Added select/deselect button to list windows.
Moved list window buttons onto a toolbar.
Added filter to some list windows.
Buttons in list windows have been moved to the left side to reduce mouse movement.
Now displays hourglass while creating mode(-when)oelr filelock file.
Improved handling of unknown values when parsing modefiles. ... read more

Posted by Bent Bracke 2005-02-18

SEDModeEd version 1.16 released

Version 1.16 has been released on the projektpage.

Improved interactive help text in various window and menu
Mode menu entries now support the interactive help.
SELECT clicking with Shift pressed will open the directory
containing the StrongED user preferences.
SELECT clicking with Control pressed will open the FileLock file
in an editor (e.g. StrongED).
Selecting a mode in the mode menu with Shift pressed will open
the mode in an editor (e.g. StrongED) instead of SEDModeEd.
Selecting a mode in the mode menu with Control pressed will ope
the modes ModeWhen file in an editor (e.g. StrongED).
Added 'Current modes' submenu to the iconbar menu.
Added 'Enter forum', 'Report bug', 'Request feature' and
'Request support' to 'Contact' menu.
Added missing sections to manaual menu.
Scrolllist headers are now read from the messages file to enabl
multiple language support.
The time format used by the 'Today' button is now defined in th
configuration instead of being hardwired into the code.
Fixed bug in _Config which caused ConfiX to use the StrongED
sprite instead of the SEDModeEd sprite.
Fixed bug which prevented SEDModeEd from reacting to any
configuration changes until restart.
Fixed bug where clicking on one of the scrolllists in the main
window could result in an error.
Editing, adding and removing items in a list display with ADJUS
instead of SELECT will now close the list display window after
the action has been performed.
Double click in a list display now opens the edit window.

Posted by Bent Bracke 2004-11-30

SEDModeEd version 1.15b released

Version 1.15b has been released on the projectpage and has been announced on the StrongED mailing list.

Posted by Bent Bracke 2004-10-10