Hello My name is Suso Comesaña and am very interested in the project...I carry time using xabber, but have some quite annoying problems...I have tried to report them, but I have not obtained answer.

I offer me like beta testing, since I do not have knowledges of compilation in android.

Before at all, a pair of questions...Can do  a regression so that securexabber was compatible with versions android 1.6 ?

As it activates  the   log?

Can solve  the errors in the rooms muc?

a) the messages go back to go in every time that it initiates  the program.
b) Goes out an error constantly of "error of permission"
c) will be able to add  like service the message to group? (Like this it would avoid  resort to the room chats that   does not have OTR?)

Thank you By the attention
Suso Comesaña.
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