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  • msansaricq

    msansaricq - 2006-07-05

    Hello everyone,
    I am successfully using the Security Filter to authenticate users and check roles. However, I can't get the Remember Me feature to work. I verified that a cookie is generated on my computer after checking the remember me checkbox and logging in. However, the next time I load the login page, the username and password fields are blank.
    Please help me shed some light on this issue.

    • Torgeir Veimo

      Torgeir Veimo - 2006-07-05

      The username and password will not show up in the login dialogue again. Rather, if you try to access a protected page again, the securityfilter will recognise the rememberme cookie, and decrypt it to retrieve the username and password for authentication. So you will not really see the login page in that case.

    • msansaricq

      msansaricq - 2006-07-06

      Thanks for your reply. I tried as you said to access a protected page after loging out and indeed, access was granted and the page displayed. My problem is that users of my app come back to the site through the login page (loginForm.jsp) and I currently don't have a security Constraint defined for the path where it is located. Hopefully adding a security constraint for the login page path will solve this.
      Thanks again for taking the time to help,


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