First let me introduce myself, Edouard POSTEL, I'm french.

Following the conversation with Kevin Johnson, I present to you some changes that I made on BASE (for a personal project) :
- new design in CSS3 (simple table with corner : border-radius) -> if no CSS3 change with images
- new menu on all pages in jQuery
- to make exceptions if an alert is lifted and states that it is a false positive, you can delete it, and thus reduce the database
(for example : ET WEB Proxy GET Request is known and therefore do not need this warning,
however we can not abolish the rule in SNORT because there is just an exception to the signature based on a destination ip eg)
- create Email Report based on an alert (if that alert to such IP address exceeds a threshold, it sends a mail, a bit like Nagios)
- reload SNORT in BASE (does not)
- edit the config file in BASE
- create new graphic with another library : Artichow ( to see :

Another idea :
- create link to report a bug on an error in BASE
- create new research, more simple

Bug ( version 1.4.2 )
- Page : base_stat_ports.php?caller=last_ports&port_type=1&proto=-1&sort_order=last_d
- Error : usr/share/acidbase/includes/ ERROR: $number_sensors_array is NOT an array!
/usr/share/acidbase/includes/ ERROR: $number_sensors_array is either NULL or empty!