Hi all !

I taking a look at the code that remembres selection over alert pages, while at it, I notice the amazing size of the back_list array on $_SESSION, and since I'm trying to implement the selected alerts history on $_SESSION to overcome the GET method limited size problem, the thing is I really don't like history, and specially it's taking a lot of memory serverside, and i'm planing on adding even more with the selection memory.

Could we vote on getting "back history" off the code, and implement the missing POST forms with GET to correct the REFRESH problem on them ?

I think back history should be more transparent, and only "remember" with $_SESSION variables key data, like the filters, so if I go back to any "first list" back page in browser's history, it honors the latest filters I used, and if I want something else I should make a new search.

I think that would clean up a lot of code, and make base more transparent and elegant.

Please give opinions, this is not a new topic :)


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