On 7/24/06, Kevin Johnson <kjohnson@secureideas.net> wrote:
Hi all,

I wanted to know what everyone thought of the IRC channel? 

I would like to stop using Free node as I have some issues with
the people who run it.  I won't mention my opinion of money
grubbing leeches in society and how their sense of entitlement
irritates the begeezus out of me. (ok I mentioned it)  I think the 
irc channel has helped, but we don't have a lot of developers in it.

I have opened the channel on irc.oftc.net which I think is a better place.

I don't go to irc a lot, but it's quite annoying when the environment is not good, I think you should be where you are comfortable.

The website is not updated with the new release, just as a note :)

What are the plans for 2.0 ??

Have a great day people

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