On 08/13/2010 02:30 PM, GaRaGeD Style wrote:
On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 6:56 PM, <will@shakingrock.com> wrote:
It seems like we have lots of options available to us.

Does anyone have any strong opposition against continuing to use
sourceforge, beyond the 'secureideas' name? If not, I can register a new
project. SF offers git, svn, and bzr version control. The only issue would
be the nightly builds, and I'm sure we could automate that if necessary.

I like sourceforge, is a little less biased than launchpad, and I like SVN and GIT :)

Micah, I agree that nightly builds would be very helpful.

I don't see a lot of usefulness unless we agree to send mostly tested code, and we would need a good set of unit tests to keep at its lowest the commit of broken code to the repository.

I would think any code committed to a central repo should be tested in some way.  Perhaps a goal would be to have automated test coverage for most of the app.

I'm not sure if voting or a more democratic method is necessary to get
this decided. I would like to get started on some requirements :)

I've been looking at frameworks today and it seems like CodeIgniter
<http://codeigniter.com/> or Zend <http://framework.zend.com/> would be
good to use. Both offer MVC and database abstraction.

CodeIgniter bills itself as being a high performance / low footprint set
of libraries for PHP. Zend, as far as I can remember, allows you to import
single database classes instead of requiring you to import the entire
library at a time.

I don't like the idea of getting limited by a framework, unless the app is really simple (wont find a lot of implementation problems with the FW), but I will go with the decision anyway.

Frameworks aren't meant to limit, but to provide a foundation so you can focus on the core logic of your app instead of the foundation.