Hi Everbody!

Thanks, Kevin, for the intro.  I'm Demetri Mouratis, linux administrator working in the San Francisco bay area.  You can contact me here, dmourati@gmail.com

Looking forward to getting involved!

From: Kevin Johnson <kjohnson@se...>
BASE Announcements  
2006-01-20 00:56
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Hi all-

I just wanted to take this time to make a few announcements and
introduce some new members to the team.

First, I am sure you all are aware that I posted for a new project lead
to take Joel's place. I would like everyone to welcome Demetrios
Mouratis who has joined in that position.

We have also added Max and Nikns as developers with commit access. I
know that the three of them will be adding much to further BASE in the

Guys, please introduce yourselves to the group and include any contact
information you are ok with in a public mailing.<grin>

Second, I would like to remind everyone of my contact info:

irc: #secureideas on freenode.org
email: kjohnson@secureideas.net
AIM: linuxseron
MSN: kjohnson@secureideas.net
Yahoo IM: linuxseron

I would also like to explain my ideas for how the project should work
and get feedback from all of you on how to make it work better.

2.x is our next major release and right now not much has happened with
it. So I am hoping that Demetrios will handle 1.x support and
development with my help while I can focus on moving 2.x forward.
Everyone has access to sf.net to pick a bug or feature and run with it.
Please do. If you do not have commit access to CVS, please send patches
to this list one of us will grab it and check it in. I will start
sending design documents for 2.x to the list and we will start coding
the system in the next few weeks.

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately, life has
gotten pretty hectic. I have joined the osvdb.org project and am
preparing to run my first mentoring class for SANS ( Bragging link:
http://www.sans.org/mentor/details.php?nid=1379 )<grin> But most
important, and most disrupting, my second daughter is due in June.
Brenna, my oldest is still arguing strongly that Triceratops is a great
name for a baby but I think my wife will out vote her.<grin>

So basically I would like to thank you all for everything we have
accomplished so far and lets make it better in the next year!

Kevin Johnson
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