Welcome to Translations

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Welcome to Translations

    • Kevin Johnson

      Kevin Johnson - 2004-11-07

      This forum is where people can discuss various translation work that is being done on BASE.  Currently we have someone translating the system to Japanese.

      If you are interested in doing a translation, contact us at base@secureideas.net

      BASE Project Team

    • joe

      joe - 2004-11-09

      Hi thanks for supporting multiple language.
      I am updating Japanese translation. I belive for all multibite languages, as long as you are escaping specific characters propery (like \'), file is saved as UTF-8 and returncode is LF, BASE should work no problem.
      Let me know if I was wrong.
      Consult your language manual of PHP to find out which character should be escaped.
      Also PHP sometimes needs few setting in php.ini to display multibyte characters.
      So join everybody!!


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