Do I have to restart 'httpd' to run BASE

  • noni

    noni - 2008-03-18

    I just installed base-1.3.9 on my fedora-7. I noticed that for me to call up the BASE window, I always have to initially restart httpd daemon from the fedora terminal by issuing "sbin/service httpd restart" . Pls I want to know if this is right because without restarting the daemon whenever I power up my system, my BASE window does not come up. I call up the BASE window by typing http://localhost/base/base_main.php on my web browsers.

    Also I would be glad if anyone can list materials whereby I can read to understand how to use BASE.

    • Kevin Johnson

      Kevin Johnson - 2008-03-19

      Sounds like your http server is not running.  When you issue the restart, is there a failed message during the stop?


    • noni

      noni - 2008-03-20

      Hi Kevin,

      Yes there is a failed message saying 'Starting httpd: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName'. Pls how do I sort this out. Cheers


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