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Base 1.2.6 Graphs Problem

  • luchika

    luchika - 2006-09-05

    I've installed BASE 1.2.6 on Suse Linux. as i wanted to see graphs, i got a message that i need Image_Graph to be installed on my PC, I have done it, then I got the same message, after that i copied the file Images into Base directory and now...I don't get any messages(!!!), and still no graph(!!!).
    I suppose i should check some paths somewhere...the question is: what paths and where???
    or what should i do ???

    I appreciate any help.

    • luchika

      luchika - 2006-09-07

      and I have checked in base_graph_common.php: there is a line, that it tries to locate Image/Graph.php..., but I am not good in PHP and i cannot exactly understand, where does it look for Image/Graph.php

      and one more question: do i need to include ('Image/Graph.php') somewhere??? if yes, then can anyone tell me where exact???

      please give me any answer: I am busy with all this for a long time...

    • Gary Evans

      Gary Evans - 2007-03-06

      Were you able to solve this issue, I have ran into the same issue with suse 10.0

    • jmedley

      jmedley - 2007-03-06

      I'm not sure this will be of any help but, I tried to make a graph and got the message the I needed to check the Pear::Image_Graph module. I went to the site and downloaded the latest Image_Graph. After reading the readme file I saw that from the command line (Terminal, Mac OS 10.4) I could do sudo pear install Image_graph-alpha. I tried this and got the message it couldn't find 'gd'. I did a search on 'gd' and found a place that said not to use the pear that came with my system but to use the one in the php directory. So, I did a sudo /usr/local/php5/bin/pear install Image_graph. I then got the message it needed Image_Canvas .... and Image_Canvas needed Image_Color. Finally, I did ...

      sudo /usr/local/php5/bin/pear install Image_Color
      sudo /usr/local/php5/bin/pear install Image_Canvas-alpha
      sudo /usr/local/php5/bin/pear install Image_Graph-alpha

      and it works.


      • Kevin Johnson

        Kevin Johnson - 2007-03-06

        Glad to hear it works now... Thanks for the update....

    • Gary Evans

      Gary Evans - 2007-03-21

      I solved my problem by using "pear5 install" on the command line to install the packages.
      I am using php5 version 5.1, base 1.3.5, adodb-4.9.4. on SUSE-10.


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