Alert Cache Not Incrementing

  • mikesnort

    mikesnort - 2009-01-27

    After I did some clearing in  "Cache and Status" - I can not get any alerts to register on the main BASE page.  I tried hitting the snort/base box with an intensive nmap scan.  I can see "Total Events" increment in Cache & Status.  But there is nothing happening on the main BASE page. 

    From the main page:
    Sensors/Total: 0 / 0
    Unique Alerts: 0
    Categories: 0
    Total Number of Alerts: 0

    Added 0 alert(s) to the Alert cache
    Queried on : Tue January 27, 2009 15:47:02
    Database: snort@localhost    (Schema Version: 107

    From Cache & Status :
    Alert Information Cache:
    Total Events: 4980   Cached Events: 0 

    Any ideas what's going on?  Thanks.

    • mikesnort

      mikesnort - 2009-01-28

      I rebooted the box because I needed to get this working again.  But would appreciate any sights on what might have happened and a gentler way to restart snort/base.  Thanks.


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