PHP Error, Call to a member function MoveNext

  • CrackerJack9

    CrackerJack9 - 2007-12-02

    Using BASE 1.3.9, several pages do not load properly and cause a PHP error.

    While viewing the Archive Database (Alert Database pages work fine), click on Src IP addrs: X link on Home Page (base_stat_uaddr.php?addr_type=1)

    The page loads blank except for the header and recieve error in PHP logs:

    PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function MoveNext() on a non-object in /<path-to-base>/includes/ on line 464

    459   function baseFetchRow()
    460   {
    461      if ( !$this->row->EOF )
    462      {
    463         $temp = $this->row->fields;
    464         $this->row->MoveNext();
    465         return $temp;
    466      }
    467      else
    468         return "";
    469   }

    These pages do not display properly (same error as above):


    These pages display properly:


    • Mike Djoukel

      Mike Djoukel - 2008-03-04

      Hello, I have the same problem.
      Anyone can to help us ?

      I want to activate the authentification on BASE but I have this problem.

      Help me please

      Thanks you, Mike

    • Juergen Leising

      Juergen Leising - 2008-03-04


      I am in the process of fixing this. At least
      a workaround should be ready.

      Could you, please, try the CVS version of BASE and tell me the result, be it positive or negative?

      The following should be one line:

      cvs -z3 co -P base-php4

      If you haven't cvs installed on your computer, you just need the cvs client package, not the server package.

      The CVS version of BASE can be found then under the directory base-php4.

      Bye, bye


      • cbdavis

        cbdavis - 2008-04-08


        I was having this same error and installing the CVS version seems to have fixed it. Thanks.

    • Mike Djoukel

      Mike Djoukel - 2008-03-11

      I found my problem !

      With a name of Sensor in the snort.conf file, it's good :)

      Thanks you :)


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