Problem with Base-1.4.5 and Fedora 13 Install

  • David McNickle

    David McNickle - 2010-07-16

    I'm working my way through the installation of Snort 2.8.6 and have started the installation of Base-1.4.5 (I am working my way through Nick Moore's instructions on the installation). I am at the point where I have pointed my browser to
    The first page is fine and I enter the database information correctly on the second page. However the third page comes up blank. After reading through the forum here, I took the advice of looking at the httpd log. Here's what I found:

    PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /var/www/html/adodb/drivers/ on line 364, referer: http://localhost/base-1.4.5/setup/setup2.php

    Is there something I can do to correct this?


  • Will Urbanski

    Will Urbanski - 2010-07-16

    Hello! Please make sure that the MySQL PHP library is installed. Depending on your operating system you may be able to use your package manager to install this module. Once you've installed it restart your webserver and then run phpinfo() to confirm that the module is being loaded by php. You should see a "MySQL" section on your phpinfo() page.

  • David McNickle

    David McNickle - 2010-07-18

    That did it! You were right - the MySQL PHP library was not installed. Thanks for the detail on restarting the web service.


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