acid tables asynchronous update

  • joesavage

    joesavage - 2008-01-28

    I would like to update the acid* tables using a bash scipt and remove the update process from BASE. Has anyone tried this? The benefits would be faster BASE startup (especially after weekends/vacation) and elimination of page reloads. I'm using BASE 1.3.5, RHES3, MySQL v5.0.27. Snort is running on external sensors.

    • AmyC

      AmyC - 2008-04-03

      If you have made any progress with this, i would definitely be interested.  I have tried to get my alert updates to work with a cron using ualert, and it fails.  sometimes i am able to run it from command line, but often it fails with an error 500.  no errors in web logs, or anywhere else. we are about 28000 events behind

      • joesavage

        joesavage - 2008-04-03

        Sorry, I haven't been able to pursue this...need to learn PHP first :-) I had hoped someone else on this forum had already done it or could provide some guidance.



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