"last" scroll button on event screen

Chris Ryan
  • Chris Ryan

    Chris Ryan - 2008-05-16

    Hi there,

    i'm looking for a posibility to create an "last" button on the event screen.
    I've already increased the number of rows to display ($show_rows = 148;) and the number of buttons to create
    ($max_scroll_buttons = 90;).

    Our Problem is, that we have very high amount of alerts, so we have a lots of buttons to click to get to the very last alert event recorded.

    Is there a "simple" way to get such a button? At least, can anyone familiar with the codebase give me a hint?

    As a kind of feature proposal, wouldn't it be nice if the last button displayed is always the one pointing to the last event? Something in that way: [0] [1] .... [22] [23] [24] ... ... [last-nr]

    have a nice weekend.
    cheers, chris.

    • Juergen Leising

      Juergen Leising - 2008-05-16

      Hi Chris,

      the easier solution is certainly to click at ">" in the header line, where
      "< Timestamp >" is shown. This changes the sorting method in that the most recent alert is displayed first, then the second-most recent one and so on.

      Bye, bye



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