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how to collect MSN chat log

  • winsnort

    winsnort - 2007-11-08

    I can add chat.rules to detect someone's MSN chat log.
    But you know the alert data in snort system is "no rules".

    Any software or BASE new project can collect MSN chat log?

    By the way, MSN chat log got the non-ASCII code can't print in BASE web page.


    • Kevin Johnson

      Kevin Johnson - 2007-11-09

      I apologize, but I am not sure what you mean?"


    • winsnort

      winsnort - 2007-11-11

      My question is how to show non-ASCII code in BASE.
      My language is traditional Chinese(big5 code). In “Normal Display” mode Big5 code is “………”. And in “Plain Display” mode Big5 code is “non-ASCII”.
      How to show non-ASCII in “Plain Display” mode?
      I hope you can understand my question. Thanks.


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