Publish Summary Page to Web Server

  • TCYabadoo

    TCYabadoo - 2007-11-07

    As part of an assignment, we were asked to publish our initial main BASE summary page to our web server without login or managment capabilites. Additionally the display of this page must be updated frequently. What is the easiest way to accomplish this? Is there a configuration setting? Or do we need to write a script to get this done?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You

    • Kevin Johnson

      Kevin Johnson - 2007-11-09

      Are you saying that you want to publish BASE publicly?


      • kryptikET

        kryptikET - 2007-11-14

        wget --no-check-certificate --post-data 'login=[username]&password=[password]&submit=Login' http://\[base-server]/base/

        My idea for this is to periodically get a static 'snapshot' of the stats page and host it on a different publically-accessible web site.

        1. Use cron + wget command listed above to periodically get page.  (you have to supply the [username] [password] [base-server] in the string.
        2. Use cron to cp base_main.php to publically accessible web site, but change the name to base_main.html
        3. Have users connect to publically accessible website and view page.

        Things for you to figure out:
        1. how to make the webpage periodically refresh on the clients machine.
        2. how to apply the css to base_main.html (it loses the pretty colors)

    • TCYabadoo

      TCYabadoo - 2007-11-13

      just the summary page, with none of the administrative or managment links functional. Our base directory is password protected however, my professor wishes for users to be able to view just the summary statistics without login.

    • TCYabadoo

      TCYabadoo - 2007-11-14

      Thank you all very much for your help!


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