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  • Robert Rosengren

    I don't know where I should post this, but here seems as good as any.
    I think that base should be taken to the next level in it's UI-design.
    The current functionality is great, but a little bit "blinding" (especially when looking at many alert/alergroups etc you don't get a good overview).
    The design should be taken out of the 90's and the gui-code cleaned up.
    Instead of reinventing the wheel the project maintainers could look at a templating system (such as (www.)smarty(.net)) to ease the work.
    Base is a great tool that could be even greater (and easier), so I hope someone will start looking at it.

    • Kevin Johnson

      Kevin Johnson - 2008-02-24

      The templating idea has been tossed around quite a bit for BASE and we hope to implement it.  Are you volunteering to help, as we can always use it!


    • Randal Rioux

      Randal Rioux - 2008-02-25

      Actually, this is one of the things I'm anxious to get started on. Once I get some of the code stuff done that I've committed to I'll take a look at design options. This would be a major task :-)


    • Robert Rosengren

      I would volunteer to help if I knew php and templating systems better (and had some UI-design studies ;) )
      Looked at "smarty" quickly and it seems "pretty simple", but what is needed is to separate "core logic" with "presentation logic"
      I looked at the base-code and currently it seems very nested (logic and presentation).
      First step I think is to make a "mockup" (pure html) of how base should look.
      Then transform the html into a template.
      Simplest is probably to take the current look and try transforming it.
      Can look at this closer when I get the time, but not promising anything :)

      Templates from different templating systems ought to look similar, so when decided it should just be a matter of chosing I guess.


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