Michael Steele - 2011-08-06

PHP 5.3.6 is no longer furnishing the DLL’s in order to connect PHP to a MSSQL database using IIS or Apache. Microsoft is now furnishing the libraries, and it appears that BASE needs a minor update to bring it out of legacy only support for the MSSQL database.

I'm trying to get BASE to communicate with a MSSQL 2008 database using the IIS7 Webserver. I'm able to connect to the database from a local PHP connect program using the same credentials as I have in the base_conf.php file, with no problem. However, base refuses to make the connection when ran.

From what I can see BASE uses mssql_connect and the new PHP libraries from Microsoft uses sqlsrv_connect, and there are most likely other slight modifications that might need to be done.

ADODB is compliant with the new Microsoft PHP libraries.

I'm no database programmer or coder, but this is what it looks like to me.

The problem with BASE is going to affect anyone that uses a current version of PHP (5.3.6 forward), IIS or Apache web server, and logging to a MSSQL database. The DLL’s from Microsoft does not support legacy MSSQL databases.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.