Error (p)connecting to DB : snort@winids

  • fskrc1

    fskrc1 - 2008-01-02

    Hey, I'm trying to use BASE with MSSQL 2005, on Windows 2003 with IIS.  I get the error:
    Error (p)connecting to DB : snort@winids

    Check the DB connection variables...blah blah

    I can logon directly to MSSQL with the BASE username and password and can view and add data to tables.  I get data inputted from SNORT into the tables.  Here is the relevant output from base_conf.php:

    $DBtype = 'mssql';

    /* Alert DB connection parameters
    *   - $alert_dbname   : MySQL database name of Snort alert DB
    *   - $alert_host     : host on which the DB is stored
    *   - $alert_port     : port on which to access the DB
    *   - $alert_user     : login to the database with this user
    *   - $alert_password : password of the DB user
    *  This information can be gleaned from the Snort database
    *  output plugin configuration.
    $alert_dbname   = 'snort';
    $alert_host     = 'localhost';
    $alert_port     = '1433';
    $alert_user     = 'base';
    $alert_password = '*********'; #I have obfuscated the password here to protect the guilty

    Even if I change the username or password to an incorrect one I still get the same error.  I would think this means BASE is not even able to communicate with MSSQL.

    MSSQL is listening on port 1433 and as you can see from above I tried forcing the port in BASE, changed the alerthost etc.

    I think what is also interesting is that I do not get a more complete error message just a basic one.

    Help will be appreciated I promise!

    • james price

      james price - 2008-02-04

      I had this after hours of messing about, I found it doesnt like SQL2005 and the way the default instance is server\SQLEXPRESS

      Reinstall sql as the default instance ie no SQLEXPRESS on the end and it will work :)


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