unexpected T_VARIABLE in /var/www/base/base_c

  • jba6511

    jba6511 - 2007-12-09

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /var/www/base/base_conf.php on line 56

    I get that error when running localhost/base while trying to setup snort on Ubuntu Gutsy. Any ideas what is going on?

    This seems to be line 56:
    $BASE_installID = '';

    Here is some more of the file. Let me know if I need to post the rest:
    $BASE_VERSION = '1.3.9 (anne)';

    Set the below to the language you would like people to use while viewing
    your install of BASE.
    $BASE_Language = 'english';

    Set the $Use_Auth_System variable to 1 if you would like to force users to
    authenticate to use the system.  Only turn this off if the system is not
    accessible to the public or the network at large.  i.e. a home user testing it
    $Use_Auth_System = 0;

    Set the below to 0 to remove the links from the display of alerts.
    $BASE_display_sig_links = 1;

    Set the base_urlpath to the url location that is the root of your BASE install.
    This must be set for BASE to function! Do not include a trailing slash!
    But also put the preceding slash. e.g. Your URL is
    set this to /base
    $BASE_urlpath = "/base"

    /* Unique BASE ID.  The below variable, if set, will append its value to the
    * title bar of the browser.  This is for people who manage multiple installs
    * of BASE and want a simple way to differentiate them on the task bar.

    $BASE_installID = '';

    /* Custom footer addition.  The below variable, if set, will cause
    *  base_main.php to include what ever file is specified.
    *  A sample custom footer file is in the contrib directory
    $base_custom_footer = '';

    /* Path to the DB abstraction library
    *  (Note: DO NOT include a trailing backslash after the directory)
    *   e.g. $foo = '/tmp'      [OK]
    *        $foo = '/tmp/'     [OK]
    *        $foo = 'c:\tmp'    [OK]
    *        $foo = 'c:\tmp\'   [WRONG]
    $DBlib_path = "/usr/share/php/adodb/";

    /* The type of underlying alert database
    *  MySQL       : 'mysql'
    *  PostgresSQL : 'postgres'
    *  MS SQL Server : 'mssql'
    *  Oracle      : 'oci8'
    $DBtype = 'mysql';

    • Juergen Leising

      Juergen Leising - 2007-12-17


      php reports errors not where they are,
      but when it notices that there was an error anywhere in the code. So chances
      are good, that the error is located
      above line 56. And indeed, in your
      case you accidentally left out a
      semicolon. Instead of

              $BASE_urlpath = "/base"

      the line should rather read

              $BASE_urlpath = "/base";

      Best regards,



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