scroll buttons not working

  • DaveF

    DaveF - 2009-06-10

    I have updated to base and I am finding that the scroll buttons at the bottom of the pages (ones labeled 1,2,3, etc) don't appear to work. I get a browser can't find the page error. I have tried this on both php4 and 5 with the same results. Any help would be appreciated. I looked at the php code, but not being an expert, I can't see anything obvious other than the MoveView function does not appear to return any value.


    • DaveF

      DaveF - 2009-06-17

      I think I have resolved the problem. In the file base_qry_main the form type was GET, and I changed it to POST and it appears to work for me.

      One other bug as well, on the alert detail screen, the Triggered Signature box was showing up as raw html. I modified base_qry_alert.php, to remove the htmlspecialchars translation from the table entry that displays the contents of this box.



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