problem with fonts and graph

  • grocanar

    grocanar - 2010-03-28


    i m just using base 1.4.5
    i have some problemes with fonts on graph.
    i have copy some true type font on the /usr/share/pear/Image/Canvas/Fonts
    but i always got no fpont on the graph
    and the infamous message on my error log

       PHP Warning:  imagettfbbox() : Could not find/open font in /usr/share/pear/Image/Canvas/GD.php on line 1382, referer:

    as it was suggested on another post i put the full path of the font in the fontmap.txt file.

    now i don't know what to do else?

    can someone help me?

    thank in advance

  • Jahanzeb Arshad

    Jahanzeb Arshad - 2010-11-29

    The font to be used in the graphs is specified in the configuration file of base. Open the base_conf.php file and look for "$graph_font_name" option. Enter the name of the font copied in Fonts directory like this

    $graph_font_name = "LiberationSerif-Regular";

    It should display fonts in the graph now.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-12-06

    Am using Fedora 14, Snort 2.9.0 and BASE 1.4.5.  All the installations are checked thoroughly. There are problems in the graph displaying part.
    1) Traffic Profile by Protocol displays TCP and ICMP. UDP and Portscan traffic are null(0%) is displayed.
    2)When Graph Alert Data is clicked (Chart type: Time vs No. of alerts, line etc are selected ) it either says "No data points to plot" or "Chart type"" is invalid"


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