vagab0nd - 2008-12-12

Our email from base was not arriving, but it was being sent.

The problem is that it is being sent  from <apache@localdomain>

The mail server that receives the mail drops the email as being from an invalid sender.  We use an out sourced email solution so we cannot control what gets dropped as invalid or spam, etc.

Modifying the base_conf.php parameter as:
$action_email_from = '';
$action_email_from = '<>';

does not affect the from field in the mail.  It still arrives at the senmail q as
  from <apache@localdomain>.

I cannot find any httpd.conf parameters that change this behavior either.  ServerAdmin does not (nor was it expected to) make a difference.

Is there a way to actually make the base_conf.php
$action_email_from = '';

actually work?

Please advise,