BASE v1.1.4 Release and Good-bye to Joel

  • Michael Steele

    Michael Steele - 2005-08-14

    Exactly how much of the BASE project was Joel responsible for?

    His decission to drop from the support team, was this a requirement of his SF employment?

    Will this stiffle the production of the BASE project, or will it continue at it's current pace?

    • Kevin Johnson

      Kevin Johnson - 2005-08-14


      I guess I should start this by saying that Joel's leaving the BASE project will not stop its progress.  His main responsibility was not to code but to coordinate and manage the project.  As the founder of the project, I plan on continuing development and releasing the 2.x code train as soon as possible.  I will be looking for a replacement for the position Joel filled.  As to whether or not it was a requirement of Sourcefire.  Yes it was.  I don't see how any company wouldn't of done the same.



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