#2 BASE doesn't work...



I'm trying to install BASE- to check it's functionality
and to improve my monitoring tools. I'm already using
ACID for months without any troubles....

When opening BASE page, getting blank page. When
opening ACID- getting all I want. I've changed
"base_conf.php" according to my current "acid_conf.php"
and README informations included in BASE "docs" directory.

I use apache with virtual server named toolbox (among
others). I put some different tools in their own
directories, so my URLs are:

http://toolbox/acid/ for acid (real path:
/opt/www-root/acid/) http://toolbox/base/ for base
(real path: /opt/www-root/base/)

It seems that BASE can't locate it's 'includes'. From
apache error log:

[client] PHP Warning:
main(includes/base_db.inc.php): failed to open stream:
No such file or directory in
on line 16 [client] PHP Warning: main():
Failed opening 'includes/base_db.inc.php' for inclusion
(include_path='/usr/local/share/adodb') in
on line 16

[client] PHP Warning:
main(includes/base_output_html.inc.php): failed to open
stream: No such file or directory in
on line 17 [client] PHP Warning: main():
Failed opening 'includes/base_output_html.inc.php' for
inclusion (include_path='/usr/local/share/adodb') in
on line 17

and so on, for all files located in 'includes' directory,

[client] PHP Fatal error: Call to
undefined function: registerglobalstate() in
/opt/www-root/toolbox/base/base_main.php on line 51

I've tried to change "base_include.inc.php" file to use
various paths (for example: from
"includes/base_db.inc.php" to
"/base/includes/base_db.inc.php", to "base_db.inc.php",
to "http://toolbox/base/includes/base_db.inc.php", and,
at last - to
but without success... All inc.php files have problems
with loading any others....

I have also moved all BASE files to root of toolbox dir
(from base subdir), but still my BASE fails.

I'm on my way to move files from "includes" dir to main
BASE dir, and to change all php files to use new path,
but it's a weird idea...

I'm using a BASE package from sourceforge, Apache
2.0.50, php 4.3.8, mysql 4.0.21, and FreeBSD 4.10.

Maybe i'm missing something? What should I change to
make it work?

Best regards,

Arkadiusz Majer


  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson - 2004-10-10

    Logged In: YES

    It looks like your include_path is set incorrectly. Please
    check this. For example on a test system my include_path is
    set too:


  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson - 2004-10-10
    • status: open --> pending
  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson - 2004-10-10
    • assigned_to: nobody --> secureideas
  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson - 2004-10-14

    Logged In: YES

    Version 0.9.8 should not require you to change your include
    path.... Please try it out.

  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson - 2004-10-14
    • status: pending --> closed
  • ascetix

    ascetix - 2004-10-15

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for suggestions- my BASE works now, I've changed my

    I'm going to check your hot new version:)

    I've some suggestions... I'll put it in 'Feature Requests' too.

    1) I'd like to have all pages having 'refresh' meta (with
    refresh time set in base_conf.php via
    $stat_page_refresh_time). Why? when you have many sensors,
    and you are going to check some of them on regular basis,
    you select them from main BASE page, open each of them in
    new window, and - for the time being - you have manualy
    refresh pages (or if having mozilla/firefox, you can use
    plugins that do that for you). It could be very nice to have
    some automatic refreshing....

    2) is it possible to set globar order for displaying items?
    for instance- sorted by time, descending (newest first)?
    reason- like above... Now items are ordered by event number
    by default.

    Of course- I can set it all via manual modyfications. But... :)


    Best regards,

  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson - 2004-10-15

    Logged In: YES


    Hope the new version meets your needs. We will look into
    the two suggestions and see what we can do.



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