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secureDATA 1.6 beta 3 released

secureDATA 1.6 beta 3 was released today. Notable changes include threading and adding progress indicators to archive changing operations (add_file, delete_file, and read_file). As well as a minor bug fix and continued improvement in the way keys are generated for encrypted files.

secureDATA is a simple and easy to use encrypted personal information manager. It can store both textual information (passwords, usernames, electronic receipts, etc), and (as of v1.6) files. It uses AES-128 encryption via the Python Cryptography Toolkit.

Posted by Tim Henderson 2006-12-21

secureDATA 1.6 beta 2 released

secureDATA 1.6 beta 2 was released today. This release sports SHA-256 hashes instead of a mixture of RipeMD and MD2 hashes, improved key generation for uploaded files, and numerous other improvements.

Posted by Tim Henderson 2006-12-17

secureDATA 1.6 beta 1 released

The first public version of secureDATA 1.6 was released today. This release is a beta version. The major new feature in version 1.6 is support for encrypted file storage.

Posted by Tim Henderson 2006-12-13