#24 Screen shots in OS X 10.7.4

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Chris Tyler

I read on another thread that SEB disables screen shots in OS X in version 1.5. Was this feature taken away? You can still take screens shots in the current version of OS X. Is there a way to disable it that I'm not seeing in the SEB preferences?




  • Daniel Schneider

    The feature to disable screen shots taken by the system (command+shift+3 / 4) was supposed to work in OS X Lion thanks to fixes in some builds of the OS by Apple, but at least with current versions of OS X Lion this feature is not working anymore.

    We will implement a feature to stop screen shots regardless of the system version, but this currently doesn't have highest priority, because you could still use a third party tool to take screenshots. To stop all of this, a process watching daemon needs to be implemented combined with a permitted processes list. This is a complex feature which is scheduled for Q3 or even Q4 2012.

  • Chris Tyler

    Chris Tyler - 2012-06-06

    Thanks for the info, I'll keep an eye out for an update.

  • Daniel Schneider

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  • Daniel Schneider

    Blocking screen shots in Mac OS was implemented in SEB 2.0.


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