#21 unclear (de)installation documentation for SEB Windows

SEB (18)

No deinstallation documentation for SEB Windows is provided on www.safeexambrowser.org
This seems crucial, as many deinstallation attempts fail with Error 1001 (due to SEB Windows Service running, I suppose?)

The installation documentation on SEB Windows is too general:
1) it does not differentiate between install on Windows XP and Windows 7, which seems different to me (under Windows 7 I get a working SEB 1.8 installation when installing as User; under Windows XP I am only able to install (and use...) as Administrator. Apparently different security schemes requires different installation procedures)
2) it does not present the overall picture of the local implementation and administration: teacher is assumed to prepare the installation bundle for students, What is the assumption here: are Studens supposed to install SEB in univeristy labs???? Or at home? What should be students' privileges for the installation and use? What are the security implications/considerations – especially if students are expected to install at home?
3) The SEB Windows 1.8 Quick Guide refers to the „Teacher role" - there is no standard Windows account like this. Which account should be used for it?


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    Anonymous - 2012-02-13
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  • Daniel Schneider

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  • Daniel Schneider

    Fixed in SEB 2.0.


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