Infrmatn on Moodle/ILIAS integration with SEB

  • techlms

    techlms - 2012-04-04

    I have read in the posts and on Moodle docs that by changing a setting on Moodle, administration can force students to open quizes on Moodle only using SEB. I am interested in knowing how it happens in the back end because I am trying to do something similar. As the typical way to know if the student is using seb or no is to check for user agent in header, which can be modified. I want to know how it is implemented in Moodle or ILIAS.

  • techlms

    techlms - 2012-04-23

    Would someone who understands the integration of Moodle with SEB please reply. I am trying to undertsand what the seb plugin does in integration. I need to develop something similar, but I couldn't find any documentation related to it.


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