Permitted Processes Issue

  • MattM

    MattM - 2014-06-02

    I have an application that I launch SEB from, I've made this application a permitted process but I'm running into an issue. When I try and launch SEB I get a popup warning me that a permitted process is already running and will need to be closed to continue. Is there any configuration options to ignore this popup ?


  • Daniel Schneider

    There is no such option right now, we will add that to a future version of SEB. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Daniel Schneider

    SEB 2.1 will have the option to add a permitted (background) process which doesn't get restarted on SEB startup. There won't be any icon in the task bar for such a process (as it's a background process).

    Anyways, SEB 2.0.x handles non-permitted processes only in the "Disable Explorer Shell" kiosk mode. In SEB 2.1 you can explicitly switch on "Process Monitoring" (in both kiosk modes).

    But this handling of permitted processes only does:
    - hide the non-permitted process, if it tries to bring a window in the foreground while SEB is running;
    - if hiding is not possible, then the process is terminated.

    So if you have a background process which doesn't display nothing, you don't have to whitelist it as a permitted process.

    The reason for this behavior is, that we cannot find out which processes are needed and which not. We cannot just start killing background processes, sooner or later that PC would crash...


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