Installation of SEB 1.8.2 with only .Net 4.0

  • Chestnut

    Chestnut - 2012-08-21

    I've installed SEB on a test machine: Windows XP SP3 x32 full patched. Before SEB I've installed .Net 4.0 (dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe).
    In the test machine the .Net 4.0 in the ONLY .Net FW installed.
    The SEB 1.8.2 setup (SebWindowsInstall.msi) display "This setup requires .NET framework version 3.5. Please install the .net Framework… etc." and the link of "Yes" button point to " " “Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (Web Installer)”.
    Is the .Net 3.5 necessary in addition to 4.0 to setup SEB?
    Any suggestions? Thanks,


  • Dirk Bauer

    Dirk Bauer - 2012-08-22

    Hi Claudio,

    the message is misleading. If you have installed the full .NET 4.0,
    this is more than the .NET 4 Client Profile.
    But the installer (which is not yet very reliable, I admit)
    indeed needs .NET 3.5 in addition to .NET 4.0.

    Normally, .NET 3.5 should be part of Win XP SP 3,
    so maybe .NET 3.5 is already installed on your machine, but you have to activate it.
    In order to activate it, please open Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Programs and Features
    and in the left pane, click on

    "Turn Windows features on or off"

    Type in your administrator password and wait until the list has been loaded.
    Do you see an entry like

    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1   ?

    (at least on my machine I can see this).
    Mark the checkbox of this entry so it turns blue and click OK.
    This should activate .NET 3.5 on your machine.


  • Dirk Bauer

    Dirk Bauer - 2012-08-23

    Hi Claudio,

    many thanks for the links! Actually I did this procedure for Windows 8 RC recently. But I remember having read that .NET 3.5 should be part of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (not the original Windows XP). But maybe I was wrong. Curiously, we got very few (if any) bug reports concerning missing .NET versions for SEB, although lots of reports were based on Windows XP. Anyway, I am preparing a more reliable installer which should take care of the required .NET versions and initiate downloading the missing stuff before executing the actual SEB installation.



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