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  • Dustin Johnson

    Dustin Johnson - 2012-11-28

    Hi, I hope I can find some help here.  We use Haiku LMS with Safe Exam Browser in our district.  Starting recently, when a using SEB to login to our district Haiku site, there is a yellow banner at the top that states "You are using a legacy browser that is no longer fully supported."  Students can login fine, but when taking a test, a student can't drag and drop answers.  This is on a Windows XP machine, fully updated, with IE8.  Oddly enough, our Mac's don't have this issue.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • Dirk Bauer

    Dirk Bauer - 2012-11-29


    1.) First of all, you should consider using Windows 7 rather than obsolete XP because this is really not state-of-the-art :-)
    2.) What means "starting recently"? What SEB version do you use? Did you use a previous version which worked?
    3.) SEB uses no Internet Explorer but a kiosk browser based on XULRunner, which is the base for Firefox.
    4.) If you try to open your district Haiku site into a conventional Firefox, does the same message appear? How about IE 8?

    Maybe we have a problem regarding Firefox or XulRunner versions, but first I need to know the SEB Windows version number. And maybe you can post the contents of the configuration files SebStarter.ini and MsgHook.ini too
    (those lying in directory

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ETH Zuerich\SEB Windows 1.8.2

    if you use version 1.8.2).


  • Daniel Schneider

    SEB Windows versions until 1.8.2 are based on the same Gecko/XULRunner browsing engine used in Firefox 3.6. SEB Windows version 1.9 is based on Gecko/Firefox 15 (as far as I know, the upcoming version 1.9.1 will correspond to the latest Firefox version). So it's possible your LMS won't complain if you use 1.9 or higher. Please consider that 1.9 is a public beta version and doesn't support downloading and uploading files yet. 1.9.1 expected to release in a couple of weeks will be fully featured amd tested again.


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