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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-11-23


    What would be the best way to debug our web application inside SEB? Is there any way to get a javascript console?

    Thanx in advance,


  • Daniel Schneider

    Hi Rob

    If you don't need to debug any features of your web application which might behave different in the secure browsing environment, then I would use Firefox to debug SEB Windows and Safari for SEB MacOSX.

    SEB Windows versions until 1.8.2 are based on the same Gecko/XULRunner browsing engine used in Firefox 3.6. SEB Windows version 1.9 is based on Gecko/Firefox 15 (as far as I know, the upcoming version 1.9.1 will correspond to the latest Firefox version). So you can use the usual Firefox debugging tools and JavaScript console in the corresponding Firefox version and should get similar or same results as in SEB.

    SEB MacOSX uses the same WebKit engine which is installed in the system, so it corresponds to the Safari version installed. So you can use the Safari developer mode, at least if you don't want to debug features which are not available in SEB or in Safari (like the settings how new browser windows should be opened or blocked when directing to a different server).

    Hope this helps. If you want to use a Firefox JavaScript console or some debugging add-ons inside SEB Windows, it might be possible to embed them into the XULRunner browsing engine used in SEB, because XULRunner is something like a stripped down Firefox. But then you would need to find out how to do this yourself, I would google or search for information on


  • Daniel Schneider

    In SEB 2.0 for Windows you can just add the parameters -debug 1 and -jsconsole as arguments to the xulrunner.exe process, in SEB Config Tool -> Applications -> Permitted Processes in the Arguments list (press + to add new argument).

    Then the SEB XULRunner browser will be started with the debugging features you might know from Firefox.


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