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File Upload, SEB 1.9, Connection to localhost refused

  • bherwig

    bherwig - 2014-07-09

    Dear board,

    I use SEB 1.9.1 and QM Perception 5.

    I created a file upload task and want the students to upload artifacts they created with an external tool. So far everything works fine, I can open the external tool from within SEB and copy-and-paste plain text from the tool into answer fields in SEB.

    However, now I wanted the students to upload a file and when I click on the "Upload"-Button in the question a new window opens that tells me "The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost".

    This problem persists even if I disable the firewall.

    Can someone please help?

    Thanks a lot in advance for any answer.


  • Daniel Schneider

    Hi Benjamin

    Did you try this with a regular browser like Firefox or IE? It sounds for me that it might be a problem in QM Perception and not SEB.

    If not I would suggest to test it also with SEB 2.0. We won't support older SEB versions anymore and only SEB 2.x will receive updates for the build-in browser engine.


    Last edit: Daniel Schneider 2014-07-09
  • bherwig

    bherwig - 2014-07-09

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you a lot for your very quick reply!
    I just tried the question with the latest Firefox. However, FF opens up a new window and in this window he tries to connect to localhost. There, an error is given that says "Website not found". So, you are right with your assumption.
    Sorry for not having your idea by myself - I'll update this post if I have the solution for my problem, anyway (If I find one maybe it is good to know for others).

    Best greetings,

  • bherwig

    bherwig - 2014-08-25

    Hello board,

    Now we know much more about the problem. As Daniel already assumed, the problem is completely up to the QM software. After we received a QM update, file uploads work well, also in SEB. (Even before the update file uploads worked well when we chose the QM default template, but not our own template!)

    Best greetings


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