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  • Randy

    Randy - 2013-05-16

    I downloaded and installed version 1.9.1 on Windows 7 laptop.   I run SEB without any changes and it launches and shows the default URL (SEB News page).   Then exit and change the default URL to www.youtube.com and relaunch SEB.   YouTube comes up but flash player doesn't load, so I can't play flash.    Works fine if I am just using IE, Chrome or Firefox.   There is no plugin folder under where xulrunner is installed.   Is there something I need to manually do to be able to run/see flash under SEB?


  • Randy

    Randy - 2013-05-24

    FYI.   This works fine in 1.4 and 1.8 versions.  Only fails in 1.9.1.

  • Daniel Schneider

    We were investigating this problem this week. We found out, that Flash version 10.3.x works perfectly with SEB 1.9.1, unfortunately the current versions 10.7.x don't. How to make 10.7.x work with XULRunner 18/19 we don't know yet. We still have to try it with the current XULRunner (21 I think).

    Looks like Adobe is still releasing security updates for Flash 10.3, the current version Flash Player was released 5/14/2013, see here:

    (in the unzipped archive in folder "10_3_r183_86" the installer "flashplayer10_3r183_86_win.exe" has to be used)

    Maybe on managed computers where you don't need the newer Flash 11.7 you could install this version as a temporary workaround (on student computers that won't be an option I guess…). Internet Explorer is using another Flash Player application, so you can keep 11.7 for IE. Google Chrome has an own (always the latest) Flash Player embedded. But if you use Firefox, that will use the same Flash 10.3.x if you install it for SEB.

    We will try to find a better solution next week.

  • Nadav

    Nadav - 2013-10-06

    When pointing SEB initial url to a page containing flash contnet,
    the application hangs. Try for example setting
    in SebStarter.ini

    Does this have to do with the flash-player new protected mode ?

  • Daniel Schneider

    Yes Nadav, we found out some days ago that the problem is that the Flash player plugin is running in a container process, plugin-container.exe. For normal use SEB has to run on a new desktop, even though the XULRunner browser process is also running on that new desktop opened by the SebStarter process, plugin-container.exe isn't opened in this new desktop context (but on the standard desktop) and then cannot connect with the SEB XULRunner browser windows.

    If you set the parameter CreateNewDesktop=0 in SebStarter.ini, then Flash works in SEB. But this is useless as a workaround, because SEB isn't blocking the Windows taskbar and other application's notifications in this mode (we use CreateNewDesktop=0 only when running the SEB browser in a virtual desktop).

    We are trying to find out now how we can force plugin-container.exe to run in the new desktop context. Maybe a partially useful workaround would be if it is possible to turn off the protected mode for the Flash Player in XULRunner (this could be similar as in Firefox, if it is possible at all).

  • Dan Fourman

    Dan Fourman - 2014-04-22


    Any news on this flash issue? I tested youtube.com using 2.0RC5 and I am getting javascript unresponsive errors (most likely) due to the flash issue.

  • Daniel Schneider

    Hi Dan,

    The Flash issue is resolved in SEB 2.0RC, since we're using XULRunner 27 (and 28 in RC5) it worked flawlessly in our tests. You have to install the Flash version for Firefox on your system; there are two versions (see Adobe website), the one for Internet Explorer won't help, you need to run the installer for the Firefox version (Firefox itself should not need to be installed).

    • Dan Fourman

      Dan Fourman - 2014-04-23

      Hi there!

      I am unfortunately still getting errors maybe you can tell me what I might be doing wrong.

      I have flash for firefox installed (V13.0.0.182) and im attempting to load youtube using the attached .SEB file

      when getting into youtube basically everything freezes for a bit and then I get an unresponsive script error for some javascript thats running on youtubes page. I get similar JS errors though on navigating any website using flash with SEB.

  • Max

    Max - 2014-07-29

    Hi --

    I believe I may be experiencing a similar problem with some Windows machines. On our Windows 8 & 8.1 machines, the Flash Player plugin in the SEB 2.0 release works just fine. In some (more than one) Windows 7 Professional SP1 machines, I am unable to get the Flash Plugin to run at all, whether or not I install the newest Flash Plugin ( for Firefox.

    The method I used to install the Flash Plugin for Firefox was to open Firefox, navigate to the Adobe Flash download site, and download Flash through the following link: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/download/?installer=Flash_Player_14_for_Other_Browsers&os=Windows%207&browser_type=Gecko&browser_dist=Firefox&d=McAfee_Security_Scan_Plus_FireFox_Browser&dualoffer=false)

    The observed behavior is that in loading a page/iframe with a Flash component, SEB hangs for 10-15 seconds before loading the page with an empty white space where the flash component should be. Ive opened the Windows Event Viewer and see no errors or logs that would indicate a process crashed (or raised a warning). I'm not really a Windows guy, so my debugging skills are kind of limited. That said, I'll look into compiling from source to see if I can't get greater visibility into what's going on.

    If anyone has any thoughts on how to resolve this issue, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks much


    • Daniel Schneider

      Hi Max

      I guess in Firefox the Flash plugin works well even on those machines where it doesn't run in SEB 2.0?

      To debug what's going on you could try to start the browser in debugging mode and check if there are some error messages in the JavaScript console window which opens then. To turn on debug mode and jsconsole:

      In SEB 2.0 for Windows you can just add the parameters -debug 1 and -jsconsole as arguments to the xulrunner.exe process, in SEB Config Tool -> Applications -> Permitted Processes in the Arguments list (press + to add new argument). Use those .seb settings with your page containing Flash contents.

      Then the SEB XULRunner browser will be started with the debugging features you might know from Firefox.

      And that cannot be repeated too often: Move away from Flash content! That technology is outdated, broken and causes headaches! The world will be a much better place without Flash! And just in case it's about playing video: Who still uses Flash just for playing videos should be punished severely!


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