SEB + editor and compiler

  • Riccardo Mazza

    Riccardo Mazza - 2013-12-16


    We want to allow students to use an editor (emacs or eclipse), a compiler, and then deliver the result via Moodle. Is there a way to configure SEB for this purpose, and avoid the exchange of information ? thanks


  • Tim Hunt

    Tim Hunt - 2013-12-16

    I don't know if you can do that.

    I just wanted to suggest an alternative, which is to use something like, so students just need a web browser.

  • Daniel Schneider

    Interesting solution, this CodeRunner, I will have a closer look on it.

    We are using a rather complex, but sophisticated solution for exams where students should use Windows third party applications during the exam. As it is almost impossible to secure complex applications just by using the means we can build into SEB, we are using a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Basically SEB is still used to secure the exam client computers, but it's browser is disabled and it starts up a VDI client (in our case VMware View Client) as the sole third party application. The VDI client connects to the VDI server and displays a secured virtual desktop, in which another instance of SEB is displaying the Moodle exam in its browser. The secured permitted third party applications are also running in this virtual desktop, which is set up to not allow any local file system access.

    This scenario is explained also on our website at (currently only in German) and we have an detailed technical description (PDF) of the whole system (in English) too.

    Last edit: Daniel Schneider 2013-12-16
  • Daniel Schneider

    To clarify: When working with third party applications, usually students save their results in those applications and upload it into Moodle. As Moodle 2.x doesn't offer a simple file upload question type anymore (you can choose files from your Moodle profile folder and social media sites, sorry, not really helpful that this cannot be switched off for quizzes if you don't want to do this for the whole Moodle instance), we had a new secure file upload question type developed (we will release it soon, if you need the beta, let me know).

    This setup was used for real exams with up to concurrent 150 users and software like Matlab and R-Studio, later we plan to upgrade our VDI server infrastructure to be even able to do exams using performance critical software like CAD applications.

    The virtual desktop images are kept for some time after the exam in case some students didn't properly upload their results files to Moodle.

    Last edit: Daniel Schneider 2013-12-16

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