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  • mark anderson

    mark anderson - 2010-08-20

    Any chance of a version that will work with iOS in the future?     On top of that.. how hard would your system be to incorporate with custom built PHP and MySQL exam application do you think?    Thanks.  Mark

  • Daniel Schneider

    Well, it wouldn't be a big thing to port SEB to iOS, but the main problem are Apple's restrictions for iOS Apps distributed through the App Store. Developers are not allowed to trick around in the system, and since, as far as I know, there are no API functions for blocking the Home button, it wouldn't be possible to stop users from quitting SEB on the iPad and start another App like Safari or Mail.

    It is possible to enable restrictions in the Settings to disable the Safari, YouTube and iTunes Apps (and the possibility to install other Apps), but as far as I know it's not possible to block Mail and the Settings App. If Apple doesn't provide more restriction settings or even some "kiosk" functions in the API, it therefore would only be possible to use SEB on iPad's specially configured exclusively for exams (not installing any other Apps on it, activating the mentioned restrictions) and blocking E-Mail access with firewall settings (by blocking the ports used for POP, IMAP etc.).

    I'm not sure if I understood your second question. SEB is a web browser, so you can use PHP and MySQL for a custom exam application on your browser.

    But because of Apple's restrictions in the iOS platform, Flash and Java Applets are not supported. This could be another problem when wanting to use SEB on iPad with existing LMS quizzes in Moodle and Ilias, since many use Flash content and some also Java Applets.

  • Daniel Schneider

    Sorry, I ment "SEB is a web browser, so you can use PHP and MySQL for a custom exam application on your SERVER." (not browser)

  • mark anderson

    mark anderson - 2010-08-23

    I was afraid that might be the current answer on the iPad.   :-\

    Sorry I was not more clear on the second part of my question.    We have a custom built testing application that is PHP and MySQL based.   I was just curious if you know others who have used your browser outside of a Moodle environment or have incorporated it into their custom applications?

    Thanks :) 

  • Daniel Schneider

    The PC version of SEB was used for example to securely deploy and start a Java Applet based exam environment.

    In general you should be able to use SEB Win/MacOSX for all web based applications which run on Firefox (Win) and Safari (Mac). The current versions have some limitations like that there is only one web browser window and advanced features which most web browsers have like displaying RSS feeds are also not supported. The Mac version doesn't down- or upload any files yet. Some features like multiple windows/tabs will be added in future versions.

    Maybe you can try your application with SEB and let us know, if there are other features missing. We are open for feature requests…


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