"Portable" SEB without insta...

  • Klaus Fischer

    Klaus Fischer - 2011-06-21

    Hi all,

    we plan to use SEB in special locations (e.g. internet cafe), where we weren't allowed to install/run software under administrator privileges. Formerly we ran SEB 1.3.1 straight from USB or CD-ROM.
    This currently doesn't work with newer versions (won't install/run correctly from USB), and older versions causes trouble with Win7 (or above ;)).

    How to solve the problem? And how to get a stable environment (OS+SEB) which can be used for years?
    Linux/Ubuntu-based Live-CDROM/Bootable Image with Linux-SEB?

  • JDerriks

    JDerriks - 2011-09-13

    we plan to use SEB for use on student's own laptops. To be sure that that is 'safe', we want to create bootable live-CD's and live-USB-keys that automatically start the SEB browser.
    So, a linux version would be nice because that's more common as a live-bootable environment. And free. Linux+Wine+Mono is a bit more complicated but should be possible. Anyone tried that yet?

  • Stefan Schneider

    a Linux version of SEB called Sebian is in progress and will be bundled with a DebianLive system. In a few days i will publish a web page for configuration and download a bootable image (iso, hdd, netboot) for easy distribution on cd/dvd, usb and tftp. The configuration will cover the autostart url, the user-agent key (the whole prefs.js will be editable) You can set a root password, a minimal fluxbox toolbar with debug mode for accessing a root shell and it is possible to add your own network settings for Linux. If you have special questions to Sebian you can contact me directly stefan.schneider@uni-hamburg.de
    best regards,
    Stefan Schneider


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