Requested features

  • Anonymous - 2009-07-25

    I like what has been done so far. To make it easy to incorporate with my courseware, I would like ...
    1. A Mac version (previously noted). Macs are my primary exam security problem.
    2. The ability to create an easier exit. One or two keys, or even an icon.
    3. An english version or directions for replacing components (such as the browser) with english equivalents.
    4. Directions about how best to deliver the product to students (which components must be included).
    I'm looking forward to using this in the near future.

    • Anonymous - 2009-07-30

      Thank you for your request.

      1: The Mac version is planned. We are looking for a developper a the moment.
      2: The ability to change the shortcut to close the window in a more easy way (also the number of keys) is planned. An icon seems to be useless to me, because students could close the window too easy (that it is something we would not like).
      3: We will change the language to english in one of the next versions.
      4: For the distribution I would recommend you to download and configure SEB as needed (especially URL) and then distribute to the students (for example make available for download somewhere). We distribute the application to our institutional computer with a deployment software.

      I hope this information is useful.

  • Anonymous - 2010-01-29

    I agree with above statements, would like to add request for linux/ubuntu compatibility. Cannot consider anything which requires windows operating system.

  • Doug Loomer

    Doug Loomer - 2010-05-01

    I would like to second the requests for Mac and Linux versions.  We really want and need exactly what you have created, but for the Mac and Linux. 

  • Daniel Schneider

    The Mac OS X Version is currently in development, an alpha version will be available soon.

    A version for Linux is not covered by this years project plan, but might be included in a follow up project. Since we are already thinking about the concept, feature requests are welcome.

  • Ana Belen Villanueva

    I work with a grant at Arquitecte Computer deparment of Malaga University (Spain). I got to use Seb with a firefox in spanish, but it isn't enough.
    My teacher want that if a person press F3 + F11 + F6 close Seb and close Windows session. I have been trying to do some changes in the code but I can't get that it run, because I download the code and it doesn't compile.
    Somene can help me?
    thanks in advanced

  • Dirk Bauer

    Dirk Bauer - 2010-06-21

    F3-F11-F6 is currently the default for exiting the SEB. Does this work on your machine(s)?
    If yes, your wish is to _additionally_ logoff the user or even shut down the computer?
    Which version did you download? Version /seb/tags/1.2/ or or version /seb/branches/1.2/
    or version /seb/trunk/ ?


  • Ana Belen Villanueva

    Yes, this(F3+F11+F6) work on my machine. I use SEB 1.2.1 for Windows. My problem is that the code don't compile directly when I download of the web before to do any changes. Where could download the correct code in first place? And once the code compile, how could I do that if a person press F3 + F11 + F6 to close Seb and close Windows session?
    thanks in advance and regards

  • Ana Belen Villanueva

    Where can I download the code of Seb???
    I wish that someone answer me soon!!! I need it to do that Seb close Windows session  when I press F3 + F11 + F6!!!!!!
    thanks in advance

  • Daniel Schneider

    The first Mac OS X version of SEB was released. It's a beta, so please test it and submit bug reports and feature requests. See for more information.

  • Daniel Schneider

    After Beta 1 and a release candidate now we finally released the stable Version 1.0 of Safe Exam Browser MacOSX. It has many improvements in security and UI, allowing secure exams in Mac OS X. So check it out:

  • Anonymous - 2010-12-22

    I'm looking for a linux version too, and a guide for browser switch (I need firefox 4 because the mathml support).
    In 1.3.2 I've tried to change the default escape keys in the config file with no success. The escape keys remains the same no matter what I configure on the config file…
    Have you a roadmap anywhere?
    Thanks for your smart work.

  • James Randall

    James Randall - 2011-01-14

    For the MAC OSX

    A configurable "blacklist" of programs that have to be closed before the test begins.  One of our testers found that Jing (screen recorder) will remain open in the background and will continue to record the screen thus capturing the entire test.

  • Daniel Schneider

    SEB MacOSX will get a configurable blacklist or more likely a whitelist for programs, that are allowed to run along with SEB. But I want to implement this feature properly, using code signatures to detect allowed or not allowed applications. Otherwise it's too easy to trick this (LockDown Browser is such a case…). So this feature will take some time to be implemented and that's why at the moment it's recommended to use SEB MacOSX only in a managed environment (separate user account managed with parental controls, with only specific applications allowed), see

  • James Randall

    James Randall - 2011-01-20

    Thanks danschlet.

    I have foind that Jing (desktop capturing software) can be started before the test and left running thus capturing the entire test.  I do not care if chat is opened in the background, but desktop capturing is a deal breaker.  Thank You for all that you are doing.  I look forward to the blacklist or whitelist.  We would be willing to help test this feature.

  • James Randall

    James Randall - 2011-02-23

    Any movement on a "Whitelist" for Mac OSX?  Your product is very promissing and if we can get it to work with our Testing software (Perception), I imagine that the company that created that product (Questionmark) would be very interested also.


  • Graham

    Graham - 2011-07-03

    Can a switch be included in the Safe Exam Browser code to switch easily between target websites for the browser?  For example, students could have a choice before the browser finally launches of using Hot Potatoes ( or Moodle on a local intranet?  Regards  Graham

  • Dirk Bauer

    Dirk Bauer - 2011-07-04


    I think there is a much easier solution to this,
    which we already use at our university.

    You have to insert a intermediate homepage
    between SEB and your exam URLs,
    the intermediate homepage containing links
    to the different exams.

    For instance, take a look at

    This page links to several online exams.
    So at our university, we just set


    in the Seb.ini and that's it.

    [By the way, hotpotatoes seems to not have a LMS
    (Learning Management System) in our sense.
    SEB is mainly thought for online exams on Moodle
    or ILIAS systems. You can use SEB in kiosk mode
    also for non-LMS applications, though].


  • Mr Cheese

    Mr Cheese - 2011-08-01

    Another way of existing the browser (maybe by the exam taker clicking a link that only appears when the exam is complete?) is really required here. 

    We just ran a test with 500 students (not Moodle but that's next) and whilst it worked well, we did not want to give out any shortcut exit key instructions (or we would have 50% not being able to do it properly) and didn't have the manpower to do it on every machine ourselves.  At the moment the project is on hold until we find a solution.

    I read somewhere that this was being considered - any progress?

    Many thanks

  • Dirk Bauer

    Dirk Bauer - 2011-08-02

    Hi, currently, there is indeed no other option for exiting the SEB browser. We do plan an improvement, see our roadmap   but this is only planned for next year, since it will require more technical effort (e.g. the LMS must send a notification when the exam has been finished). In the meantime, a workaround could be to remotely trigger a reset/reboot of all computers by your system administration? Regards,  Dirk

  • Mr Cheese

    Mr Cheese - 2011-08-02

    Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately the machines are not ours (or we would not need Safe Exam Browser), so we cannot control them in any way other than require SEB be running to do the assessment - the students all have their own laptops.

    Could it be done by allowing a restart during the exam session and then presenting this as an option after the results have been submitted?

  • Dirk Bauer

    Dirk Bauer - 2011-08-03

    Hi, what do you mean with
    "by allowing a restart during the exam session"?

    A restart by the user or by the Safe Exam Browser?

    The problem is that in order to achieve the latter,
    the Learning Management System would have to notify SEB
    of the submitting of the exam results.

    Therefore we would not only have to implement on the SEB side,
    but also to change the interface of the
    Learning Management System, which is not trivial.

    Also, SEB would have to invoke a system shutdown then.

    And you must be careful, since if you do not exit SEB properly,
    some Windows Registry values set by SEB will not be restored
    to their original values, as is done when quitting SEB normally.

    For instance, one registry value is set in order to prevent the Task Manager
    from being accessible during the exam. Also, the Log Off and Switch User
    and Shut Down are disabled.

    If SEB crashes or is aborted due to a reboot, the modified registry values
    are still the same after reboot, so you will not be able to get the
    Task Manager etc. anymore. To repair the registry values in this case,
    I added the script "RegistryEnableAllBlueScreenButtons.bat",
    which lies in the Program Files directory. But it is much easier
    to simply start SEB and quit it using the key exit sequence.


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