Cornelius Wipf - 2014-02-20

I'm setting up SEB 2.0 in a windows environment. The programs works perfectly with one obstacle. The browser is used to take test in distance education courses. In order to get to the tests, the student has to login into the schools portal which host both the lessons and exams in the same window.(tests are password protected). Thus, my startup screen is set to the login window. When the student clicks on the test after logging into the portal another screen will open within SEB which will contain the test. However, the user is then able to drag this second window to the side and see the main window which contains links to their finished lessons. Is their anyway to have the second window open as the main window or at least maximize this second window and prevent the users from minimizing it so that the main window is not available? I have set the main window to maximize and removed the top buttons as well, But any additional windows that open the maximize/minimize buttons are available.