When will SEB 2.0 for Windows be available?

SEB 2.0
  • Sigurd Brinch

    Sigurd Brinch - 2013-03-15


    We're considering using SEB to run exams at our University this Spring, but we need the new features in SEB 2.0.  Our main body of computers run Windows and we would like to test it thoroughly before deciding.

    When are you planning to release a Public preview of the Windows Version?

    Would it be possible to test the Windows version before its released?


  • Daniel Schneider

    Hi Sigurd

    We're working hard to finalize SEB 2.0 for Windows too, but since we had to port large portions of old code to .NET at the same time, it is a bigger challenge to keep in track with our roadmap.

    We hope to have a first version functional early April. We will release a beta/preview version as soon as the basic functionality is working. You can send me a private message (with contact details), then I could keep you updated for the case we could provide you with a preview earlier than releasing it.

    Due to our project deadlines we have to release version 2.0 for both platforms latest end of April 2013. That's the only hard deadline I can announce right now.

  • Sigurd Brinch

    Sigurd Brinch - 2013-04-08


    We're trying to use SEB with Office Web Apps 2013, but it seems the xulrunner engine has some trouble with this.
    The OSX version works fine, but this is based on the Webkit engine.

    Will version 2.0 for windows still be based on the xulrunner browser engine?
    Is it possible to install plugins to the xulrunner engine?


  • Daniel Schneider

    Hi Sigurd, did you try it with SEB 1.9.1? There is a new XULRunner engine build in, according to a recent Firefox (I think version 19 or 18). Do your problems also occur with a current Firefox? If you were using SEB 1.8.x then it wouldn't be much surprising, because there is a rather old XULRunner according to Firefox 3.6 used.

    Yes, version 2.0 for Windows will still be based of the XULRunner engine. It surely is possible to install plugins. In fact if you have Firefox installed on the machines then SEB is usually using the plugins installed for Firefox (like the Acrobat PDF and the Flash plugin).

    Best regards Daniel

  • Sigurd Brinch

    Sigurd Brinch - 2013-04-10

    I'm not entirely sure where cause of the error lies, but here is what I've tried end the results. 
    SEB 1.9.1 -> local SP = OWA returns an error when I try to save a word doc
    SEB 1.9.1 -> Office365 = OWA returns an error  when I try to save a word doc
    Firefox 20.0 -> local SP = OWA returns an error  when I try to save a word doc
    Firefox 20.0 -> Office365 = Works fine

    Chrome and IE works fine on both
    SEB 2.0 on OSX works fine on both

    All test are run on the same machine
    The local SP is Sharepoint 2013 with Office Web Apps 2013 running in a test environment
    Office365 is using www.skydrive.com and Office Web Apps 2013 running at Microsoft

    Any ideas?


  • Daniel Schneider

    Looks like Firefox is having problems with OWA generally. Maybe you can try a recent nightly build of Firefox from http://nightly.mozilla.org

    If you find a Firefox which is working with your OWA, then chances are better we would be able to fix the same with an according XULRunner version.

    Or you try if you can configure your SP and OWA to work properly with Firefox.

    And it would be possible to turn on the debug mode in XULRunner and try to get some error messages and find out, what line of JavaScript causes it (I guess it's a JS problem).

    I will let you know when we have a first working version of SEB 2.0 for Windows with a XULRunner 20 built in, then you could try if Office365 works with that. I expect that to be happen week…

    We did a short test of SEB 1.9.1 with some basic version of OWA (just with Outlook, without the Office Apps) and also got some errors already when logging in. Somehow Microsoft doesn't seem to want it to be compatible with Firefox/XULRunner/Gecko as it seems…

    But this is the first time we are hearing about web services being just compatible with IE and WebKit-based browsers and not Firefox. If this turns out to be a new trend, then we will have to discuss once again to switch the Windows version to another browser engine.

  • Daniel Schneider

    Maybe our XULRunner developer could help, but he is quite busy at the moment. I will ask him nevertheless. He surely also knows details about plugins in XULRunner if you can't solve that problem yourself.

  • Daniel Schneider

    I have been notified about one problem in SEB 1.9.x which might have to do with web application problems in SEB, especially if they work with a recent Firefox.

    Since our XULRunner web browser developer switched to the new versions of XULRunner (which are used in SEB 1.9.x), the browser agent string is only "SEB" (due to some implementation problems) and no longer the standard browser agent string with appended " SEB".

    Some web applications and sites which do browser sniffing may not work properly if they cannot find out which browser engine is used. This could be the case with Office365.

    In next versions of SEB we will add a standard Firefox browser agent string together with the "SEB" substring. If you want to patch a SEB 1.9.1 to try out if this causes your problem, do this:

    - In an installed SEB 1.9.1 find the config.json file, it should be at the relative path
    SEB Windows 1.9.1\SebWindowsClient\xul_seb\chrome\defaults\seb\ config.json

    - open it in a text editor and add this lines:

    "prefs": {
      "general.useragent.override" : "<Firefox user-agent string> SEB"

    (replace <Firefox user-agent string> with the user agent that some recent Firefox for Windows uses)

    - Save and test if SEB behaves differently with your websites.

  • Rajiv

    Rajiv - 2013-11-01

    When is the Windows version of the SEB with the Browser Exam Key functionality going to be released? The mac version is great, but we still have a large part of our student population on PCs, and hence this is a crying need!

  • Daniel Schneider

    Hi Rajiiv

    There will be a functional version of SEB 2.0 for Windows released before end of the year. I hope we have a preview out in November.

  • Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson - 2014-01-17


    Any updates? We're interested in supporting SEB 2.0 for Windows at the University of Minnesota as well, but we do need the 2.0 features.


    Alex Anderson

  • Daniel Schneider

    Testing and bug-fixing took more time than expected, but this week we will finally release SEB 2.0 RC where the Browser Exam Key functionality is implemented. Besides the existing Moodle Safe Exam Browser quiz access rule plugin, there is also already a similar plugin for the LMS ILIAS. SEB 2.0 RC is using the latest XULRunner 27 browser engine, in which finally also Flash (if you're still using that...) works without workarounds.


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