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SEB 2.0
  • Daniel Schneider

    After releasing the first public preview version 2.0pre1 for Mac OS X just before the end of the year, in the coming days the manual will be finalized explaining how to use the new encrypted .seb files and other new features like the quit link. Until then see the tool tips in the exam settings panel inside the application. Tool tips are currently only visible when you use SEB with "Switching to third party applications" enabled, they are displayed when you move the mouse pointer to an user interface element and wait a moment (without moving the mouse further).

    Please consider that this public preview version has not yet been tested that well as a final release. Also the internal format of both the .seb configuration files and the local configuration (saved encrypted in the user's Library/Preferences folder) will change slightly before the final release, so you will have to reconfigure next versions of SEB 2.0 manually.

    The "Exam Key" feature in the exam preferences pane is not yet implemented in this version (see this post how it will work). It should be available in SEB version 2.0pre2.

    In the windows version of SEB these new features will be implemented in a similar way. Currently parts of SEB Windows are being ported to .NET/C#, that's why the release of the Windows version got a bit delayed.

  • Daniel Schneider

    The first version of the manual for SEB 2.0 describing the features of 2.0pre1 is now available.

    Details about how to use the encrypted SEB settings files and how to handle the cryptographic identities/keys will be added soon.

  • Daniel Schneider

    In an electronic poster session at eduhub days 2013 we illustrated how the new Safe Exam Browser 2.0 enables BYOD for exams and explains one possible scenario of how SEB can be used on students' computers. See this scenario here, it might clarify the new possibilities provided by the .seb files.


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