Windows 8 not blocking Ctrl-Alt-Del

SEB 2.0
  • Phil Butcher

    Phil Butcher - 2014-03-18

    We have run a trial at the Open University with 15 staff and 15 personal laptops. I'm now working through the issues we found.

    The most serious is that Ctrl-Alt-Del was not blocked on Windows 8. Since the trial I've looked closer.
    This happens on both Windows 8.0 SPO and Windows 8.1 Pro.
    When running a configuration .seb file Ctrl-Alt-Del is blocked.
    But when running an exam .seb file Ctrl-Alt-Del is not blocked.

    It seems to be associated with setting a 'Settings password'.
    If I take all passwords off the exam .seb file then Ctrl-Alt-Del is blocked.
    But as soon as I add a 'Settings password' then Ctrl-Alt-Del is not blocked.

    The same exam .seb file, with 'Settings password', works fine with Windows 7.

    So in our trial one 'examinee' had two users logged in on his laptop and with Windows 8 was able to 'Switch user' as Ctrl-Alt-Del was not blocked.

  • Phil Butcher

    Phil Butcher - 2014-03-19

    Here are three log files.
    full Win 8.0 is the full history from the Windows 8.0 PC. Note I rebuilt this PC from scratch before starting.
    short Win 8.0 is a snap shot of one failure. I deleted the log file above then started SEB. I checked that the non-secure start of SEB blocked Ctrl-Alt-Del and it did and I checked that the secure exam config file did not block Ctrl-Alt-Del and it didn't.
    Win 8.1 is from my colleague who first reported the problem. His file would have been created by (a) installing SEB (b) double-clicking on a secure exam file.

  • Daniel Schneider

    I'm working on this problem, hope to solve it in the Release Candidate 5 this week.

  • Phil Butcher

    Phil Butcher - 2014-03-26

    Thank you. From my other posts you will see that this is the only outstanding issue for us at present.

  • Daniel Schneider

    In the just released RC5, we have completely re-engineered SEB Windows Service with improved stability for setting and resetting options in the Windows Security Screen (invoked by Ctrl-Alt-Del) like Task Manager. In case of a SEB crash or enforced reset of the machine, now the options are reset to the values which were active before SEB was used when rebooting the computer or uninstalling SEB.

    We hope that this solves most if not all problems with disabling and reactivating the task manager and the other options in the Windows Security Screen.

    Please test SEB 2.0 Release Candidate 5 very thoroughly, especially regarding this feature. It's theoretically still possible that setting/resetting these options would fail on some machines because of Windows weirdnesses, strange Group Policies, virus scanners/security software etc., but we hope this new implementation should be much more stable than the old one.


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