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Is SEB moving away from managed computers?

SEB 2.0
  • Sigrid Röhling

    Sigrid Röhling - 2013-01-03

    Just wondering what direction development of SEB will take from now on. Is the focus now on unmanaged computers? Or is SEB 2.0 merely the first step to support both managed and unmanaged computers?

  • Daniel Schneider

    Don't worry, SEB on managed computers is still in our focus, it's the main use case at the universities using SEB to which we have direct contact and I don't think this will change shortly. In fact SEB 2.0 brings more security and easier configuration for exams on both managed and unmanaged computers, it's just the first version with official support for unmanaged computers (which is technically more challenging).

    With the new encrypted .seb settings it will be easier to configure managed as well as unmanaged computers. Until now if you needed to change the SEB configuration of your exam computers (for example use other third party applications for some exam or even only change the exit key sequence or quit password), you had to deploy new SebStarter.ini and MsgHook.ini and (or org.safeexambrowser.Safe-Exam-Browser.plist) to all the exam computers. That might not be a big thing on managed computers if using some deployment system, but the person organizing the exam maybe had to ask the IT services guys who are actually doing the deployment etc. Now he will just have to create the sole .seb settings file and put it on a exam portal webpage or similar. When SEB on the exam clients once after installation has been configured to display this exam portal page, the individual settings for an exam will just be changed by clicking on the according link for that exam which downloads and opens the according .seb file and reconfigures SEB for the exam. The individual .seb files could of course also be provided in another way for the exam, like placed on a automatically mounted network drive or similar.

    Next week I'm planing to put a tutorial online explaining the new possibilities for use on both managed and unmanaged computers.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Greetings Daniel
    (SEB project leader at ETH Zurich LET)


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