SE Auditor

SE Auditor is a program for analyzing web pages for search engines.

SE Auditor is application that you can use to view statistical data about your website, in order to improve its position within the Web search results.

SE Auditor is addressed to SEO professionals, website designers, developers, website testers and owners.

SE Auditor enables you to check meta description, keywords, sitemap, the number of links and keyword consistency, the text/HTML ratio and many more ranking / usability / social factors.

Unlike other programs of this type SE Auditor is:
- free
- fast, do not waste your time (the audit process goes smooth as butter)
- simple to understand interface (you can see at a glance)
- shows the data important in optimizing your site
- based on the collected data allows to generate a PDF report with hints
- is accurate (for example in counting words, characters, calculating text/html ratio..)

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