AppleEed2 - 2011-10-05

Hi to all of you

{ Now I may be barking up a tree already littered with Skeletons- here, BUT~one bark at least- I think worth a shot. }

In the 9 full months of this year - this forum has seen 20 questions posted ~ AND ONLY…..41 replies.

Does that indicate superb quality of SeaShore Or…. interest-……………….in free help- …………ever so porous ?

The point being ~ I really don't know. I have searched you tube for whatever other open source users may have loaded AND found { besides ~  this is this - &  that is that ~type of information } next to nothing.
OH ~ and please feel free to correct me  if I'm wrong about that .

Ok ~ Now i know you know that there are as many ways to use it as there are heads to read this.

SO !~ in the following please bear that in mind ~ I am a 59 yr old man who would like to use his ' Artistic Temperament ' to animate some if not all of the bullshit running around { in both my head & just~ around } . I  also spend a lot of time at my mac c trying to conjure up some sort of polite way to swear- at Developers- who don't produce video tutorials ( and yes i know some of them provide very good manuals~ but ~ ) and yes again… I understand the burden of avaricious taxmen as well as just how time consuming ' it ' can all get ~ but ~.

Therefore ~ May I suggest to both developers and any of those users ~ standing~ in accord to the ' open Source ' ethic … THAT~ here !….. be a man with the time to help you produce TUTORIALS ~ for ~ ARTIST / ANIMATOR. I Don't care if you want to post them to your website / page or whatever, OR rather~ I do care, But just want them available. Especially So~ considering THE AND YOUR " OPEN SOURCE " ETHOS.

Should any of you ~ STAND ~ in agreement AND ability to that above … PLEASE PLEASE… POST HERE !
I am watching !
REGARDS ….. AppleEed2